Quick swatch – Sephora Collection Colorful Gloss Balm Slick Pony 20 and Peek-a-Blue 19

OK, so remember how I was strong-armed into buying the YSL Opale palette? The same thing happened to me with Sephora’s new Colorful Gloss Balm in colors Slick Pony 20 and Peek-a-Blue 19! I’m going to give you quick swatches in case you are majorly in need out there in […]

Be the Light NYC by Petra Nemcova – American Bluebell Bliss Candle (“Gratitude”) Review and Pictures

Be the Light NYC - American Bluebell Bliss Candle ("Gratitude")

I have something totally brand new to share today: a candle from “Be the Light NYC,” called the American Bluebell Bliss candle. Have you heard of this brand from Petra Nemcova? Do you even know who Petra Nemcova is? I didn’t, so of course I looked it up. Turns out she is […]

Givenchy Mister Gentlebalm Lipcolor Enhancing Balm – Review, Swatches, and Ingredients (Color Adjusting Series Part 2)

Part 2: Color Adjusting Lip Products This review of Givenchy Mister Gentlebalm is officially Part of 2 of my “Color Adjusting Lip Products” series. So far I’ve reviewed two Catrice products, and one each from Dior and It Cosmetics, which I’ll now call Part 1. Givenchy Mister Gentlebalm is different from […]