Bobbi Brown’s (Rasp)Berries: Swatches and Comparison of Lipsticks in Hot Raspberry- 02, Blue Raspberry- 05, and Bright Raspberry

I love to search for patterns and compare similar things. So when I recently tried on Bobbi Brown’s Nourishing Lip Color in Bright Raspberry, I asked myself, “how many different raspberries from Bobbi Brown have I worn over the years?” The answer was: “a lot!” Along with the “Peonies” and the “Pinks,” the “Raspberries” […]

IPKN Twinkle Lips and Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm – Review, Swatches, and Ingredients (Color Adjusting Series Part 3)

Color Adjusting Lip Series: Part 3 Have you heard of the brands IPKN and Arrow? They were new to me as of about a month ago. I noticed them on, where Arrow is being sampled this month. I don’t know the whole scoop on IPKN– I could have sworn it was a […]