My Blog:

Hello. My name is Jackie and I am the sole blogger here. I started this blog in January 2016, several months after unexpectedly losing my job as an in-house attorney.

My husband nudged me to start blogging. ♡ Thank goodness, because I cannot stand to be idle with my free time. Complacency is not in my DNA, so I will make some darn good lemonade with the sour fruit given to me.

I have been a lover of beauty products, makeup, skincare, bath and body care, and home fragrance, for most of my adult life. I cannot get enough. Partly out of temptation and partly because I believe “better” is out there waiting to be found, I regularly seek out and try new products.

I tend to have skin on the sensitive side, so I’ve gotten to know many brands that are sold at, or originated from, places like Whole Foods. When my face / skin has allowed it, I have experimented with and fallen in love with many products from the more traditional and luxe, brands as well.

Gluten / Ingredients:

A few years ago I found out that I have celiac disease. If you are not familiar with this terminology I’ll tell you that having this disease means that my body reacts negatively to gluten (most commonly known by the public from its presence in wheat, although other grains contain this dangerous protein as well). I must not ingest or inhale gluten at all. (This can be compared to a peanut or shellfish allergy, except that a celiac reaction to gluten is often hidden and internal; but it insidiously damages my small intestine’s ability to absorb life-giving nutrients). Because makeup can get into the body (lip care especially), I read ingredient labels on both food and cosmetics closely to protect myself. I have to avoid things like hydrolyzed wheat protein and barley extract.

Over the years I’ve also turned away from using mineral oil and petroleum. I also try to avoid lip care products containing mint, and especially menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus, because those are especially irritating (to me at least).

Beyond those concerns, I will try out almost anything, and I like to keep an open mind. After trying a new product I can be quite opinionated: when I like something I will tell everyone about it! I also enjoy writing, taking pictures, reading, and crafting with epoxy resin (see here).

Along with being a cosmetic lover, a professional woman, and a wife, I am also the mother of two incredible little boys and one enormous, orange and white, tabby-cat.


Are you interested in having me review your products? I can say with near certainly that I’d love to try them. I am writing a cosmetic addict’s blog, after-all! 🙂

I would be  especially excited to test out makeup and skincare that is free from gluten, petroleum, and chemical sunscreens. I also have a huge soft spot for very high end candles made for serious home fragrance users.

Keep in mind that transparency, ethics, and compliance with consumer protection laws and Federal / State regulations is always top on my list (thanks to years of law practice). That means all reviews will have disclosures if and when needed.


I encourage you to email me at [email protected].

You can follow me on Instagram (@cosmetichaulic), Twitter (@cosmetichaulic), Facebook (page: CosmeticHaulic), and Pinterest (again, CosmeticHaulic)!

I love to receive your comments, questions, feedback, and recommendations, either via email, on social media outlets, or through the comment option on my posts! Thanks for reading!