Montale Paris “Chocolate Greedy” Perfume & Candle Review (Or, “My Lifelong Dream of Meeting the Perfect Chocolate Fragrance”)

Montale Paris Chocolate Greedy Perfume and Candle

It seems like I’ve had less time lately to write (my apologies to anyone who may care… anyone? anyone? Bueller? ok, I’ll stop now), but when an obsession overtakes me I feel compelled to write a full post. Well, I’m newly obsessed, so here goes: If you asked me for […]

Review of Diptyque’s NEW La Madeleine Candle – A Perfume House Made of Cookies?

If you are a hardcore Diptyque candle fan like me, then you may already be burning . For everyone else out there I’m going to tell you about this new, scented, porcelain-jar, candle from the famous Parisian perfumer. I first heard about this candle a couple of months in a sneak […]

How About them Eaux? Loving Diptyque’s Classic Eau Rose and Eau Plurielle, and Revisiting the Choisya Candle and Orange Blossom Inspired Scents

I’ve heard that you have to introduce new foods to kids like 5 times or so before they can really decide if they like something (or hate it). You’d think that tidbit of trivia would be useful to me, but I still have any annoying habit of deciding right away that something is […]