Montale Paris “Chocolate Greedy” Perfume & Candle Review (Or, “My Lifelong Dream of Meeting the Perfect Chocolate Fragrance”)

Montale Paris Chocolate Greedy Perfume and Candle

It seems like I’ve had less time lately to write (my apologies to anyone who may care… anyone? anyone? Bueller? ok, I’ll stop now), but when an obsession overtakes me I feel compelled to write a full post. Well, I’m newly obsessed, so here goes: If you asked me for […]

Diptyque New York Candle: Review of a Masterpiece

If it’s a new candle, I want it. I don’t feel the need to try every new perfume or home spray, but I will do most everything in my power to get boutique exclusive or limited edition Diptyque candles.   New York is a limited edition candle sold exclusively in […]

Review of Diptyque’s NEW La Madeleine Candle – A Perfume House Made of Cookies?

If you are a hardcore Diptyque candle fan like me, then you may already be burning . For everyone else out there I’m going to tell you about this new, scented, porcelain-jar, candle from the famous Parisian perfumer. I first heard about this candle a couple of months in a sneak […]

Byredo Candles – Are They Worth the Price? A Review of Burning Rose, Loose Lips, Tree House, Loveless, and Carrousel

Byredo Candles, left to right: Burning Rose, Tree House, Loveless, Carroussel, and Loose Lips

I know some of you out there wouldn’t dream of spending $60, $70, $80, and up for a candle. For those of you, Byredo candles obviously wouldn’t be worth the money. But then there are people like me, who would rather spend money on an excellent candle then on a […]

Replica by Maison Martin Margiela – Beach Walk, Lazy Sunday Morning, and Jazz Club Candles: Review and Photos

Replica by Maison Martin Margiela candles

Even though I’m pretty sure nothing can top Diptyque’s candle offerings I still try out other brands that look good or that offer scent types Diptyque does not carry.