Be the Light NYC - American Bluebell Bliss Candle ("Gratitude")

I have something totally brand new to share today: a candle from “Be the Light NYC,” called the American Bluebell Bliss candle. Have you heard of this brand from Petra Nemcova? Do you even know who Petra Nemcova is? I didn’t, so of course I looked it up. Turns out she is a model and actress and was on Dancing with the Stars. If you don’t yet know me, take this one thing to heart: I do not watch Dancing with the Stars. But I also learned that Ms. Nemcova is a philanthropist, which is something I appreciate.

Be the Light NYC - American Bluebell Bliss Candle ("Gratitude")
Be the Light NYC – American Bluebell Bliss Candle (“Gratitude”)

Anyhow. I digress. So, I came across this candle while perusing the candles online from Neiman Marcus. I was intrigued by Be the Light’s beautiful jars and generous candle size (16 oz). So, guess what I did? If you guessed that I hauled it, you’re correct!

Let’s look at this beauty.

Be the Light NYC - American Bluebell Bliss ("Gratitude")
Be the Light NYC – American Bluebell Bliss (“Gratitude”)
Be the Light NYC - American Bluebell Bliss Candle ("Gratitude")
Be the Light NYC – American Bluebell Bliss Candle (“Gratitude”)

This 3 wick candle comes packaged in a big, sturdy box (weighing almost 4 pounds with candle and all inside), with a matchbook a little brand guidebook. Look at it! If I were to design a candle, I would chose this same beautiful cobalt blue glass with a map overlay. I love maps, I love atlases, and I love blue!

Be the Light writes that American Bluebell Bliss is “inspired by Bluebell fields in America. Bluebells have long been symbolic of gratitude. We have many reasons to say thank you, not just during thanksgiving, but every single day.” The fragrance is a mixture of cedarwood, eucalyptus, fir balsam, labdanum,* jasmine, lemon, and patchouli.

*Labdanum (not to be confused with laudanum -- hahaha-- the mixture of alcohol and morphine!) has historically been used as a perfume ingredient. It comes from shrubs indigenous to the Mediterranean.


Because I love the smell of cedarwood, I thought this candle would be a big hit with my olfactory senses. It turned out to smell a bit more edgy and pungent instead of warm and woody as I would have liked, and thus was a slight disappoint to me. I also detected a good bit of floral courtesy of the labdanum, I believe. (By the way, I had no idea what this was before I read about it!). I am not typically a fan of florals. However, the throw was very good and the candle is beautiful when lit. (It also makes a great paperweight!).


Overall I’m happy I made this purchase and I would try other Be the Light NYC candles if given the chance. Wouldn’t this be such an impressive gift for a housewarming?

What do you think out there? I’d love to hear your comments or feedback.



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