Diptyque Candles: Cypres 2.4 oz, Old Montauk Highway 6.5 oz, and Noisetier 2.4 oz.

Something about the howling wind outside my windows makes me eager to burn a new candle.

For a while I’ve had my eye on Diptyque’s Old Montauk Highway (OMH) Candle, part of designer, Tomas Maier’s, collaborative effort. When all of this bitter, relentless, north wind propelled me to Diptyque’s online boutique last week, I finally bought Old Montauk Highway, and minis of Cyprès (Cypress) and Noistier (Hazlenut) Candles.

Thomas Maier: Old Montauk Highway

Old Montauk Highway is one of three limited edition, Tomas Maier collection, Diptyque exclusives and can only be purchased from a Diptyque boutique or online store.  The two other scents in the Tomas Maier line are Palm Beach and West District Road. Though Palm Beach also sounded appealing, OMH was the top choice for me. I have this gut feeling that Palm Beach would just be overly* tropical and heady with jasmine (I already have the Dipyque Jasmin candle if I’m in that mood).

*reminiscent Soap & Glory’s Fruitigo problem (“Pomelo-gate”)

Diptyque describes the notes in OMH as “lady slipper orchids, black pine, bayberry, heather misted by the salty ocean breeze.” When I read a description like that I either get it right away (which happened here) or I think, “I’ve never even been to Montauk and what the heck does a lady slipper orchid smell like anyway?” For those don’t get it right away, all I can say is that the combination of scents in OMH works, and works perfectly.


I mostly catch the heather and salty ocean smells, but I know the orchid, pine, and bayberry are in there providing intangible loveliness. OMH is curiously strong (throws very well), yet also gentle and tapers off subtly when you walk away. I love that I can smell OMH in my bedroom just from placing one unlit candle on my dresser. It’s a scent perfect for men and women, and thus a great bedroom fragrance.

Out the three wonderful candles I bought, Old Montauk Highway is my favorite. I’ll have to buy some back ups since they are limited edition candles. On the other hand, Cyprès and Noistier are permanent in Diptyque’s candle line up. (I’ll share a secret: I am not above trading for, buying, or begging for, partially used candles if I don’t know how well I’ll like them. Ebay is a great place to find already burned candles and I always check out Amazon for reduced prices on brand new Diptyque candles: Cypres and Noisetier.)


Noisetier is translated as “hazel” and refers here to the hazelnut tree and it’s fruits that are roasted and eaten in cans of mixed nuts. Diptyque’s version of hazel does strike me as nutty and a tad bit sweet in the way that cigar smoke is sweet. With this candle, the smell is certainly more nutty than fruity. Diptyque places it in the woody family, and describes it as “a spicy, woody fragrance warmed by a smoky touch,” and says “invites a walk on the shady land, fertile and dry.” It’s pointless to argue about the interpretation of smells, but I’ll just say that I don’t pick up on any spice when burning Noisetier.

In any case, Noisetier was a hit with me right away.


20160206_102034The smell was striking once I removed the plastic overwrap from the Cyprès candle box. And then I lit the candle and was engulfed in thoughts of a warmer place than where I live. The way Cyprès burns totally intoxicates me. I have a tough time putting words to such a distinctive smell, but to me it’s even more woody than Noisetier, and has a clean, almost evergreen, mintiness to it. I think of green when Cyprès is burning.

Diptyque has this to say about Cyprès: “A Mediterranean cypress tree with the warm notes of honey and resin.” Again I don’t quite see it the way Diptyque does, as I don’t pick up on honey or resin. But wait, who is the candle expert here? … My money’s on Diptyque!

Soon I’ll be adding to my Diptyque reviews with some words about Violette and longer visit with Roses, Baies, Jasmine, and Rosaviola.

Until then, light a candle for me!

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