Well, I did get my Diptyque Thé candle after-all (see the post where I discuss this). I was so relieved when it arrived and was in good shape. I have no idea when and if Diptyque will re-release the Thé Candle, so this could be my one and only chance to burn it.



For some reason the label on my Thé candle is yellowing around the edges. It would seem to be a product of aging, yet this yellowing also shows on a brand new Verveine candle I bought from a high volume retailer. The Verveine candle can’t possibly be very old. So is this an intentional label styling from Diptyque?


Diptyque Cannelle, The, and Aubepine Candles - the original three
Diptyque Cannelle, The, and Aubepine Candles – the original three

The Thé candle had a unique smell as soon as it came out of the box. It was reminiscent of Menthe Verte, reviewed here, but without any hint of mint. The similarity comes from the “tea leaves” smell, I suppose. The reason I can’t say this with absolute certainty is that I am not familiar enough with the smells of teas to recognize this scent. I know the smell of black tea and herbal teas, but Diptyque’s tea scent is somewhere between the two.

That common scent between Thé and Menthe Verte also carries a (pleasant) cloud all the way into my sinuses. I can’t think of any other way to describe it!



Strangely, once I lit the candle I felt like I wasn’t smelling anything. I left Thé in the bedroom and came back in half an hour to a full room of fragrance. I find the aroma very pleasant, but my husband remarked that it smelled like “an old person” or a “hippie.” I don’t agree with him at all. However I still find the scent hard to describe.

I can say that it’s a mellow, round, scent. It is not a sweet scent nor a spicy one (uhm, yes, Thé is in the Spicy Category. I have no idea why.) The smell actually reminded me of Aubépine, which is a Floral candle. I can’t say why that is either, except perhaps I associate them together in my mind because they’re two of the original trio. I enjoyed my first burn of the Thé candle and I would re-purchase it if it were available.

I’ve also been working on some other epoxy-resin DIY crafts since doing my first makeup table. I had an idea to do something with a partially broken wooden tray that I was using for mail. The tray was cracked and losing a handle. So I flipped it over and sealed the cracks with some clear silicone weatherproofing grout. I was primarily concerned about preventing leakage when I poured in epoxy resin.

My DIY epoxy-resin candle tray.
My DIY epoxy-resin candle tray.



After more day dreaming I decided to make this into a candle tray, decorated with Diptyque images.

Take a look and you’ll see the decoupage look of the tray. It’s shown in it’s semi-final state. I still have to do a touch up and pour on a final layer of epoxy. I’m excited to get to use this tray once it’s done. I think it could even handle a pillar candle and the occasional wax dripping!


I hope you get a chance to try the Thé candle if you’ve been wanting to! Let me know what you think.

Till later,



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