Out of the Diptyque categories, Floral, Woody, Herbal, Fruity, and Spicy, Spicy contains the fewest number of candles. It would have been an easy task to gather the four candles in this category for review, except that two of them, Cannelle and Thé, are limited edition and boutique exclusives,have been out of stock every time I checked online. Vanille (Vanilla) and Pomander are the other two candles, and I had already been burning and loving Vanille and had tested Pomander as part of 2015’s Holiday 5 piece votive set.

But I finally managed to get Cannelle and have spent some time burning and smelling it. I still don’t have Thé in my possession though, so I’ll tell you what I think about the other three.




I originally reviewed Diptyque Vanille back in this post. It’s one of my top favorite Diptyque candles, along with Feu de Bois, Chêne, Violette (and Roses, Oyédo, Cyprès, and Menthe Verte are others I love). I think it’s interesting that Diptyque places Vanille in the spicy slot, because I smell a sweet and smokey smell but not really a spicy one. I had assumed in the past that Vanille was in with the Woody candles, and I was really shocked when I realized I was wrong.



Because Pomander came in a votive set from the 2015 Holiday season, I tried it out. I don’t think I would have purchased it with excitement all alone (at least not before I decided to review all the Diptyque candles).

Back in my post about the Fruity candles, here, I gave both Oranger and Pomander some attention. I really gave Oranger a hard time. Along with Figuier, Oranger is one of the Diptyque candles that downright stinks to me. Pomander does have similarities to Oranger, but with Pomander I expected the zesty, clove filled, spicy, holiday, orange scent. Whereas with Oranger, we (or I at least) was expecting a citrusy candle and instead got a scent similar to Pomander.

I can easily determine what I’m smelling when I light Pomander. It’s not tough to dissect the orange, clove, and cinnamon scents. But I repeat, this to me is a holiday season scent. I can’t get into it this time of year. So, I do recommend it somewhat, or for certain purposes. Come mid-October I’ll want to pull out Pomander again.

Diptyque Cannelle candle (6.5 oz), Pomander candle (1.2 oz), and Vanille candle (6.5 oz).
Diptyque Cannelle candle (6.5 oz), Pomander candle (1.2 oz), and Vanille candle (6.5 oz).


For any collectors out there, you may still be able to find Cannelle at Diptyque’s online boutique. As with other exclusive scents, you’ll probably need to keep checking back to see if and when it’s back in stock.

Diptyque Cannelle candle (6.5 oz)
Diptyque Cannelle candle (6.5 oz)

I wanted to get my hands on the Cannelle candle so I could complete my category reviews. But I was also interested in it because it’s one of the three “founding” scents Diptyque used in the very beginning (Aubépine and Thé are the two others).

When burned on it’s own, Cannelle turned out to be a lot drier than I expected. I smell the cinnamon but it’s not a sweet smell. It’s nothing like the smell of a spice cake, or a cinnamon bun, for example. Of course I didn’t expect anything in the gourmand space from Diptyque, but I thought Cannelle would be a tad more welcoming and warm that it is. I would almost put Cannelle in the Woody category instead of the Spicy category.

I personally don’t love Cannelle. But I’m waiting until I get Thé and then I’ll burn the trio together. Maybe that will help me appreciate and understand the beauty of Cannelle.


In sum, I don’t foresee re-purchasing either Pomander or Cannelle, but I definitely will continue to burn and buy Vanille. I am crossing my fingers that a Thé candle is on it’s way to me. If I do get it I’ll provide a review to complete the Spicy category.

Have you tried any of the Spicy candles from Diptyque? Please leave me your comments below!



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