Ok, ok, I went a little bit nuts during Bergdorf Goodman’s “Be Beautiful Event” that just ended. With all of the deluxe gwp’s available to stack, I couldn’t by-pass the opportunity to haul some of Clinique’s newer lip products.

Today I’m reviewing and swatching Clinique Pop Oil Lip & Cheek Glow in colors: Blackhoney – 04, Nectar – 02, Poppy – 01, and Rose – 03. I’m also trying out Clinique Lip Pop Lacquer Lip Color + Primer in Wink – 05. (Available at most department stores and on Amazon.com.)

Bottom to Top & Right to Left: Blackhoney, Nectar, Poppy, Rose, and Wink


Left to Right: Blackhoney, Nectar, Poppy, & Rose


Clinique Pop Oil Lip & Cheek Glow Formula

This product reminds me of a Benefit stain mixed with a jarred lip balm. It’s simultaneously liquidy and sometimes sticky. On my lips it felt comfortable but wet, like an oil indeed. It didn’t feel sticky on my lips but it did on my cheeks. It also didn’t ever seem to dry. For someone like myself with dry skin, this shouldn’t be a big deal. But I can imagine other skin types not as receptive to the balmy formula.

I like the effect of the product on my lips and cheeks, but it wore off so quickly that I honestly couldn’t believe I had even applied it. Perhaps my application technique is off or a primer is needed, but this formula just didn’t stay on me. It did provide a beautiful, temporary, “glow” on my cheeks due to the formula that doesn’t dry. This would work for someone looking for a dewy complexion.


The ingredients are fairly hum drum except for this strange one (3rd photo): Lactobacillus ferment. What does this do in the product? It sounds like a yogurt ingredient. Does it offer some skin benefits? No big deal. It just caught my eye 🙂

The good thing is that Clinique products are usually very non-irritating and fragrance free. This formula did not bother my sensitive skin at all.

20160203_13311520160203_133120 20160203_133129

Let’s look at the colors individually.

Blackhoney Glow – 04


Rose Glow – 03


Nectar Glow – 02





Poppy Glow – 01



Finally, a quick peek at Wink:

Anyone out there have their own experiences to share?


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