Mood lipsticks (and mood rings!) have been around for a while (I’m remembering the wonderful 1980’s products), but they were off my radar as a serious cosmetic until Dior Lip Glow appeared and became a smash hit.


Many other cosmetic brands have their own versions of Dior’s Lip Glow. Today I’m looking at Dior Lip Glow against It Cosmetics Vitality Lip – Je Ne Sais Quoi,  Catrice Lip Glow and Catrice Tinted Glow Lip Balm.

Let’s start with the prices:

Luxe: Dior Addict Lip Glow – $33

Mid-Level: It Cosmetics Vitality Flush Lip – Je Ne Sais Quoi  – $20

Bargain: Catrice Lip Glow and Catrice Tinted Glow Lip Balm – $5.99 and up each

Catrice is the obvious winner in the price category, but will it deliver as well as the mid-level and luxe versions? Let’s review below.

Plain lips:

First, a shot of my bare lips to set the stage.


It Cosmetics:


As soon as I put Je Ne Sais Quoi up to my lips I was disappointed. It Cosmetics is usually a great brand offering products that do what they say they will do. But in this case I could barely even get the product to apply. I had to swipe over and over again before I had a layer on.

After waiting a few minutes for the product to “activate,” I still didn’t get the “naturally pretty flush, vitality-filled, color of a lipstick, with the anti-aging, hydrating and conditioning feel of a balm.”

I could most readily forgive the lack of color on my lips, knowing there are other shades of It Cosmetics Vitality Flush that may work better for my coloring. However I didn’t see any noticeable change in my lip color or condition at all.  There was a sheen but nary a glow or shine, and my lips didn’t feel covered.

In addition, and this is a big deal, the lipstick went on dry, was hard to layer, and did not feel moisturizing or conditioning in the least.  If this product had given my lips the warm and fuzzies I would continue use it, even as a clear lipstick/ balm.  But sadly I will not re-purchase this lipstick or other It Cosmetics Lipsticks until my experience changes if and when I try on a better product in the store.


Catrice Lip Glow:


Lip Glow is a cool product because of it’s jelly-like appearance when you roll up the product.  It’s totally see through in the tube– it appeals to my little girl instincts and really pleases me to look at it! However, I think there is an art to how you apply it that little girls may not get.

At first I smoothed Lip Glow it on my lips and really got nothing on me. Then I accidentally smashed the tip of the stick and when I applied it I got a nice smooth layer of product and a resulting glow.

Even so, I prefer it’s sister product, Catrice Tinted Glow Lip Balm.

Catrice Tinted Glow Lip Balm:


Catrice Tinted Glow Lip Balm applied more smoothly and easily than Catrice Lip Glow and felt creamy once on. It gave me the slightest tingly feeling on my lips and has a very slight odor that is a mix of mint, sweetness, and a chemical lipstick smell. Despite the semi-odd smell from this product, I can imagine wearing it regularly. It’s worth the $5.99 in my book.

Dior Lip Addict Glow – Pink – Sheer Pink :

Why, oh why, do I have to love the most expensive products (my love for Soap & Glory may be the sole exception)?  I swear I always pick up the items with the highest price tags. In this case I tried to be un-biased while trying each lip glow product in turn. But when I got to Dior Lip Addict Glow I nearly melted from the pleasure of putting it on my lips.

I shy away from minty lip products but Dior’s minty essence doesn’t bother me or deter me from wanting to re-apply. This stuff just applies so smoothly, feels so creamy, is so pleasing to hold in the tube, and gives the prettiest flush to my lips. (I really must try the Coral and Lilac versions too.)

Can I help but declare Dior Lip Addict Glow the winner of this battle?





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