Diptyque Thé (Tea) Candle (Spicy Category Follow Up) and Diptyque Candle Tray DIY with Epoxy Resin

  Well, I did get my Diptyque Thé candle after-all (see the post where I discuss this). I was so relieved when it arrived and was in good shape. I have no idea when and if Diptyque will re-release the Thé Candle, so this could be my one and only chance to […]

Diptyque Cannelle (Cinnamon), Vanille (Vanilla), Pomander & Thé (Tea) Candles – The Spicy Family – Review and Photos

Out of the Diptyque categories, Floral, Woody, Herbal, Fruity, and Spicy, Spicy contains the fewest number of candles. It would have been an easy task to gather the four candles in this category for review, except that two of them, Cannelle and Thé, are limited edition and boutique exclusives,have been […]

Diptyque 34 Collection Review and Photos: La Prouveresse, Le Redoute, & 34 Blvd Saint Germain, Clay and Porcelain Jar Candles

You are looking at three gorgeous jar candles from Diptyque’s Collection 34. Each of La Prouveresse, 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, and Le Redouté come in oval shaped, non-standard jars (where the standard for Diptyque is a round, glass jar). La Prouveresse and Le Redouté are poured into one of a kind, clay jars, […]

Some Spring Flowers: Diptyque Choisya (Mexican Orange Blossom) and Muguet (Lily of the Valley) – Review and Photos

Even when I’m not writing about Diptyque candles I’m often thinking about them… Sometimes I’m figuring out how to get more. Or I’m smelling them, and dreaming about the ones I don’t have. Or gazing at the ones I do. Does this sound like an obsession? Huh. Actually, it really does. Oh well.

The Fruits: Diptyque Coing, Oyedo, Oranger, Baies, and Figuier Candles – Review and Photos

Guess what? My new Diptyque candle reference page is up. You can see the full list of Diptyque candles, their meanings, and whether or not I would buy them again. With the recent addition of Coing to my Diptyque collection, I can now review all five candles currently in Diptyque’s fruity […]