Diptyque 34 Collection Review and Photos: La Prouveresse, Le Redoute, & 34 Blvd Saint Germain, Clay and Porcelain Jar Candles

You are looking at three gorgeous jar candles from Diptyque’s Collection 34. Each of La Prouveresse, 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, and Le Redouté come in oval shaped, non-standard jars (where the standard for Diptyque is a round, glass jar). La Prouveresse and Le Redouté are poured into one of a kind, clay jars, […]

Some Spring Flowers: Diptyque Choisya (Mexican Orange Blossom) and Muguet (Lily of the Valley) – Review and Photos

Even when I’m not writing about Diptyque candles I’m often thinking about them… Sometimes I’m figuring out how to get more. Or I’m smelling them, and dreaming about the ones I don’t have. Or gazing at the ones I do. Does this sound like an obsession? Huh. Actually, it really does. Oh well.

Aquiesse No. 017 – Boardwalk Candle – Review and Photos

Acquiesse Boardwalk Candle

Mid-Priced Luxury: Aquiesse “Boardwalk” and thoughts about Henri Bendel Vanilla Bean and Tocca Yma I happened upon a handsome candle today.  I first noticed it on the shelf, with the little silver shield on the front gleaming. It had a commanding presence surrounded by some punier candles. I picked it up and felt that it was […]

Diptyque Chêne (Oak Tree) Candle – Review and Photos

Diptyque Chêne, the Woody Category, My Inner Turmoil, and My Austen Personality Perhaps because it’s Sunday, I awoke feeling flimsy and shallow about writing this post. So, I’m writing in a moment to ponder real world problems and appreciate things for which I’m thankful.   [A LONG MOMENT]   Ok, now […]

Diptyque – Menthe Verte (Green Mint) Candle Review and Photos

Diptyque Menthe Verte Candle - Review

Diptyque – Menthe Verte (Green Mint) Candle – Review and Photos Although Diptyque’s Menthe Verte is not new to its collection, the name  sounded refreshingly different. I bought the candle on a whim after a long spell of burning through woody candles. I hadn’t heard much about Menthe Verte in particular, but I interpreted […]