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Diptyque Candles – Categories as given by Diptyque except where in parentheses – Would I Buy Again?

Diptyque master

Category French to EnglishScaled Rating (Rating against other DIPTYQUE candles)Would I Re-PurchaseMy ReviewOther
AubépineFloralHawthorn8 starsYLE - sold out
MuguetFloralLily of the Valley5 starsMLink
TubéroseFloralTuberose3 starsNLink
ChoisyaFloralMexican orange blossom3 starsNLink
MimosaFloralMimosa3 starsNLink
RosafoliaFloralN/A5 starsMOut of Circulation - past Valentine release
JonquilleFloralDaffodil7 starsY
VioletteFloralViolet9 starsYLink
JasminFloralJasmine5.5 starsYLinkWould be higher but it's a bit TOO strong in throw!
JacintheFloralHyacinth8 starsYOut of Circulation - But I found one!
Géranium RosaFloralRose Geranium8 starsYLink
RosesFloralRoses9.5 starsY
Gardenia FloralGardenia4 starsMLink
FreesiaFloralFreesia4 starsMLink
RosaviolaFloralN/A7 starsYLinkLE
BaiesFruityBerries8 starsYLink
OrangerFruityOrange tree0 starsNLink
CoingFruityQuince3 starsNLinkLE
FiguierFruityFig tree1 starNLink
OyedoFruityOyedo6 starsYLinkScent is a 10 but throw lowers my rating
Feuille de LavandeHerbalLavender leaf7 starsM
Foin CoupéHerbalFresh Mown Hay5 starsNLinkLE - sold out
EucalyptusHerbalEucalyptus7 starsY
VerveineHerbalLemon verbena6 starsM
MoussesHerbalMoss2 starsNLinkLE
TilleulHerbalLinden Tree7 starsMLinkLE - sold out
Menthe VerteHerbalGreen mint8 starsYLink
PatchouliHerbalPatchouli4 starsN
CoriandreHerbalCorriander7 starsY
CuriositiesN/AN/A--Pillar candle - sold out
CielN/A"The Sky Knows"4 starsNScore may have been lower if not for beautiful packaging / jar
Beverly HillsN/AN/A8.5 starsYLinkLE - Sold in BH boutique only
ResinN/AResin5 starsM
EpiceN/ASpices5 starsN
The "Red" CandleN/AN/A3 starsNSpecial Promo Item (may not have been sold to public)
Tomas Maier: West District RoadN/AN/A6 starsMLinkLE
HiverN/AWinter5 starsM
Tomas Maier: Palm BeachN/A (Floral)N/A7.5 starsYLinkLE
Les LilasN/A (Floral)Lilac8.5 starsYLinkPillar candle version: not a higher score because pillar is slightly messy
Le RedouteN/A (Floral)N/A7 starsMLinknon-standard jar
34 Rue St GermainN/A (Fruity)N/A3.5 starsNLinkNon-standard jar candle - score would be lower if not for beautiful packaging / jar
Orange ChayaN/A (Fruity)Orange Chai3.5 starsNOut of Circulation - A past holiday candle - score would be lower if not for beautiful packaging / jar
SapinN/A (Woody)Fir7 starsMOut of Circulation - Holiday 2015
OlibanN/A (Woody)Oliban6 starsNOut of Circulation - Holiday 2015
Tomas Maier: Old Montauk HighwayN/A (Woody)N/A8.5 starsYLinkLE
La ProuveresseN/A (Woody)N/A10 starsYLinknon-standard jar
LiquidamberN/A (Woody)Liquid amber4 starsNOut of Circulation - Holiday 2015
ThéSpicyTea7.5 starsYLE - sold out
VanilleSpicyVanilla9.5 starsYLink
PomanderSpicyPomander5 starsNLinkScore would be lower if not for being usable during the holiday season
CannelleSpicyCinnamon4 starsMLinkLE - sold out
NoisetierWoodyHazel5 starsMLink
MyrrheWoodyMyrrh6 starsM
GenevrierWoodyJuniper6 starsM
SantalWoodySandlewood6 starsM
OpopanaxWoodyOpopanax7.5 starsM
Feu de BoisWoodyFirewood10 starsYLink
MuscWoodyMusk6.5 starsM
CyprèsWoodyCypress7 starsYLink
John GallianoWoodyJohn Galliano4 starsN
CuirWoodyLeather7 starsMLinkLE - sold out - I've grown to appreciate it and even enjoy it, since writing my review
ChêneWoodyOak Tree10 starsYLinkLE - sold out
AmbreWoodyAmber7 starsM
MaquisWoodyMaquis6 starsM
Bois CiréWoodyWaxed wood5 starsNLinkLE - sold out - I've grown to appreciate it more since writing my review
BenjoinWoodyBenjoin7.5 starsM
VétyverWoodyVetiver6.5 starsM
OudWoodyWood6.5 starsM


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